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Open every day
Provides dental service until 8:00 p.m.

Our clinic is open every day, and provides services until 8:00 p.m. Our clinic is easy to access even by busy people, and can respond to acute problems in your mouth.

Kids room and day care services

We have a kids’ room that can be used for free. We also provide day-care services for free, so we take care of patients’ children while the patients undergo treatment.

Unparalleled high-tech sterilization equipment

In TOKUSHINKAI QUARTZ TOWER, thorough infection control is performed. The Tower has advanced equipment, and different rooms are dedicated to different phases of cleaning/disinfection and sterilization/bactericidal activity.

Treatment while taking care of pain

In TOKUSHINKAI QUARTZ TOWER, treatment is provided giving proper consideration to pain by preparing various kinds of anesthesia. Even patients who are vulnerable to pain and small children can undergo treatment with peace of mind.

Patients are requested to make an appointment before coming to our clinic. Please tell us your name, your problems and the ideal date or time by e-mail or over the phone.

For an appointment by phone, please call:


※ Please refer to the calendar about the telephone contact hours.

※ In case of emergency, please contact the number listed above or call us at 03-6362-6684.

If you would like to use health insurance, bring the following three items.

・Health insurance card
・Passport or residence card (We may see your passport or residence card)

※Payment should be made in Japanese Yen for the services covered by health insurance.

Telephone contact hours

※This is NOT the clinic hours but the available hours to contact with a an English-speaking staff.