Dental clinics in TOKUSHINKAI Quartz Tower

There are two dental clinics in Quartz Tower. In addition, on the eighth floor, there is the Aoyama Quartz Medical Clinic (internal medicine, dermatology, cephalalgia treatment, immunotherapy, lifestyle improvement). It works in cooperation with the whitening/nail salon/Chiropractic clinic floors. With two dental clinics and each floor cooperating together, we provide medical care meeting the requests of all patients.

Aoyama Quartz Dental Clinic 4-5F

Aoyama Quartz Dental Clinic accepts patients immediately when the patient is in pain, open year-round and accepts health insurance.

consultation hours <Mon・Tue・Thu・Fri・Sun>
  AM 9:00~13:00/PM 14:30~20:00
  (reception until 19:00)
  AM 9:00~13:00/PM 14:30~21:00
  (reception until 20:00)
Open year-round

Quartz Dental Clinic 7F

To respond to the needs of patients whose treatment cannot be covered only by health insurance, there is a lineup of instructors/specialists/certified doctors in each field.

consultation hours10:00~19:00
Open year-round

For first time patients of the dental clinics

STEP1. Make a reservation

First, make a reservation by phone or over the internet at the Aoyama Quartz Dental Clinic. If you are in pain or undergoing stressful symptoms, please tell us over the phone.And if you have requests of a doctor, please tell us over the phone. Tel: 03-6362-6688

STEP2. Counseling

Once you have arrived, please go to the entrance concierge. The staff will guide you to each of the floors, and the floor staff will respond.
For first time patients, you will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire.
Based on the completed medical questionnaire, the staff will confirm the symptoms and requests in further detail.
Feel free to talk to us about places within the mouth that are uncomfortable or anything that you feel uneasy about. Also feel free to make any requests or ask us any questions.We offer insured treatment and self-pay treatment at a reasonable price.

STEP3. Medical Examination/Diagnosis

After counseling, we take an image of the condition of your entire mouth using a panorama X-ray, and explain the conditions inside the mouth such as cavities, periodontal disease, and irregularities with occlusion. After taking the X-ray, the doctor will check the condition inside your mouth by looking at the X-ray results.

STEP4. Proposal of Treatment Plan/Informed Consent

We will explain the treatment method, treatment period, and cost. After we ask the requests of the patient, we will propose a treatment method that best suits the patient. With your consent, treatment will begin.

STEP5. Step 5 Aftercare

Periodic care will be provided by the doctor in charge or dental hygienist in charge. Furthermore, you will be able to participate in the “Health Lecture” (scheduled to be held from March) held by specialists of the Tokushinkai Group. We will notify you as soon as the details have been decided.

Infection Control within the Hospital

We conduct high-level infection control aiming for the acquisition of JCI (Joint Commission International) certification. Equipment used on a patient once is sent to the sterilization/disinfection room, and after it has been carefully disinfected, it is sterilized/disinfected once again at a high temperature of 135°C using high-pressure steam for 40 minutes.

Guidance of Equipment

At Quartz Tower, we have prepared state-of-the-art equipment so that our patients can undergo treatment.



Operation room

For patients with small children

We have prepared a children’s room that can be used free of charge by patients being treated at our hospital. There is a childcare worker and other staff on site.