Nakai’s Orthodontic


The orthodontic treatment will give you not only the beautiful alignment of your teeth, but the prevention of caries and periodontal disease, and also the improvement in functions of chewing and breathing. We have received nice comments that he or she can do everything positively in the social life by having the orthodontic treatment.

The first thing we suggest is the preventive health care in the orthodontic treatment. Let’s improve nasal breathing patterns and create the favorable oral environment. They assist the development of dentition and face through elementary school. Having correct functions of oral and nasal cavities can prevent not only worsening of tooth alignment, but also various other diseases. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When you need a professional orthodontic treatment, we can provide you the most advanced and sophisticated treatments such as the lingual side (the backside) treatment, the aligner treatment, the using Temporary Anchorage Device(TAD) treatment, and the using 3D digital methods treatment.

We promise to keep studying and improving ourselves in order to give the best and the most suitable treatment to each patient. Please don’t hesitate asking us about your treatment before and after having it. Let’s do our best together and get your happy life!

Characteristic approach in QUARTZ DENTAL CLINIC

1. Safe treatment before, during and after

Once you make up your mind to have the orthodontic treatment, you can’t start it when you suffer from caries and periodontal disease. Even in this case, at our clinic, you can have our treatment by general dentists and periodontists. We can advise you how to prevent caries and periodontal disease by yourself.

During the orthodontic treatment, you will be assisted by the team which consists of a doctor, a general dentist and a dental hygienist in QUARTZ tower. We will prevent various problems and achieve the safe treatment by making such a medical team.

We give the orthodontic treatment in limited periods. After orthodontic treatment, you can have the preventive dentistry care in the third floor of the QUARTZ tower. We wish that you can keep the wonderful smile and oral health throughout your life.

2. Preventive orthodontic treatment and preventive health care

When a disease progresses severely, the treatment will give you a heavy burden mentally, physically and economically. Therefore, " preventive health care "and" early detection, early treatment" are important for any kind of disease including malocclusion.

We will find symptoms of malocclusion at a routine medical or dental check. Orthodontists and specialists of each field cooperate closely.

In Japanese Focal Inflammation Research, it is reported that some causes of the malocclusion lead diabetes, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Let’s start preventive health care and stay away from severe diseases.

3. Non extraction for orthodontic treatments

We do the orthopedic treatment in order to avoid the tooth extraction of a healthy permanent tooth. The orthopedic treatment means helping or promoting the growth of jaws for child patients. Let’s improve nasal breathing patterns and create the favorable oral environment with Trainers. Trainers will help the natural growth of your jaws and development of dentition. Using Trainers can prevent worsening of tooth alignment and tooth extraction for orthodontic treatments. If you need a thorough examination, we will give you a custom-made appliance which stimulates and promotes the growth of your jaws. It will also make a space to align all teeth.

We do the orthodontic treatment for adult patients. We use the most advanced appliance, Temporary Anchorage Device(TAD) and 3D digital methods in order to avoid the tooth extraction.

4. The most advanced and sophisticated treatments

The orthodontic devices have been evolved, and new devices are invented almost daily. After asking about your demand and analyzing your symptoms well, we will suggest devices and systems that are the most suitable and effective for your symptoms. In addition, we can suggest the best treatments by our cooperative medical teams even if the orthodontic treatment only doesn’t work enough.

In the recent study, it is reported that light force suitable for living organism is important to move and align teeth. Efficiency of our orthodontic treatment brings comfort life and better results.

5. Maximum efforts for your demand

We promise to keep studying and improving ourselves in order to provide the best and the most suitable personal approach. We give you appropriate medical advice by cooperating closely in every medical and dental department. Let’s look for the best way together!


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